Destination work


 I'm so excited to work with you abroad/ out of state! There's so much information we need to discuss!

Send me an email (by clicking the contact button in the center or bottom of the page) so we can go over rates and dates!

"Destination work" is any event that is over 100 miles  from my home studio in Fairfax Virginia, or an event that requires an overnight stay!  

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece



Congratulations beautiful! You're getting married!! And I cant wait to be a part of your big day!

There's too much exciting information to cover in just this one column, so Contact me (by clicking the button in the center or bottom of the page)!

Over email we will discuss, looks, styles, all the glitz and glam, your bridal party, your trial, my freelance contract with you, and of course payment- where I will break down and explain exactly what you are paying for.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I am thrilled to work with all kinds of couples  (LGBTQ community warmly welcomed!)

Wedding, 2014

Wedding, 2014


Photoshoot Packages


Let's get you glammed up!

One Look:

Makeup- $90.00

Hair- $80.00

Hair & Makeup- $165.00

Multiple Looks:

The Multiple Looks "starting price" encompasses beginning rates for two looks for one person OR one look for two people. Rates are subject to change based on party size and/ or style changes during the shoot

Makeup starting price- $180.00

Hair starting price- $160.00

Hair & Makeup starting price- $330.00


On Set Fee- $80.00 per hour

Travel Fee- 50 Cents per mile

*Clients are welcome at my home studio to save on travel fees

Contact me (by clicking the button in the center or bottom of the page) to get your photo session booked!

styled photoshoot, 2015

styled photoshoot, 2015

Special Occasions


Seasonal Events like proms, homecomings, Halloween, New Years Eve, Christmas events, are all subject to change. You will most likely find seasonal promotions and discounts, on my website and social media pages, around homecoming and prom.

*Holiday Events do come with a Holiday Fee*


Every once in a full moon I get to work with clients who love this time of the year just as much as I do (cue the mischievous laughter)! From special FX blood and gore, to pearlescent mermaids, and Disney princesses- I have got you covered.

Halloween bookings go FAST. Contact me (by clicking the button in the center or bottom of the page) ASAP to reserve your spot!!

Other Events I Cater To-

Beauty pageants, red carpet, charity, galas/ balls, look book/ catalog, baby showers, graduations. Don't see your event listed? Please contact me! I know I would love to work with you!!

King of Halloween body art, 2016

King of Halloween body art, 2016